Critical Infrastructure Protection

EST Germany helps public and private organizations around the world to protect critical infrastructure and other major assets. Our expertise ist the consulting and creation of teams to respond effectively to emergency and catastrophic incidents. We leverage a diverse team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in safety, security, intelligence, and emergency management across the public and private sectors in relevant businesses.


To achieve the strategic and operational goals of a military / security / defense- mission, C4I systems make use of technologies, software, commercial of the shelf COTS, legacy systems and defense systems; the integration and management of many seperated and self-operating systems is difficult and complex. To manage and break complexity of C4I systems, different architecture frameworks have been developed.

EST Germany studied the most relevant systems in the market, such as department of defense architecture framework (DODAF) (Officer, 2010), UK ministry of defense architecture framework MODAF (Ministry, 2008) and NATO architecture framework NAF (NATO, 2007),these architectures are interrelated. In DODAF and MODAF, the C4I systems have been divided in different viewpoints, these different viewpoints highlight the different perspective of these systems for compliance and collaboration purposes among different stakeholders and units. To implement strategic and operational objectives systems and services are deployed to achieve goals of information at any time and place.



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